Review Journey to Namibia from Nov. 15th to 23rd, guided by Nico Visser

Together with our daughter Bernadette Boeger we spent a wonderful time in Windhoek, Swakopmond, Sossusvlei and Etosha national park.


A Wild Ride

At the annual Adventure Travel World Summit in Namibia, a bicycle proves the best way to experience your surroundings.


Namibia is a country of wondrous beauty.

Its geology, flora and fauna form a unique and fascinating combination. The population, only 2 and a half million, in a country twice the size of Germany (or 20 times the Netherlands), is composed of various tribes, living peacefully together; all in close harmony with nature and motivated to actively conserve and protect it.Journeying this country can  be done in various ways and from a range of  budget levels.We have enjoyed the most relaxed and comfortable way imaginable,...


Sunstoves Namibia has just been initiated

Sunstoves Namibia has just been initiated and will take another two months or so to be completely on track. It is our good-will project, putting some of what we reap back into needy communities. More information


Naturefriends Safaris has moved to new offices in 2008

Storchstr.2 windhoek is our new home.


Save The Rhino Trust

Naturefriend Safaris has sponsored N$ 4000 towards the worth wile course of the save the rhino trust...


NatureWings to expand aircraft fleet

NatureWings (our in-house charter company) has grown to now own 4 cessna 210. The newest editions is V5- KPR. She is surprisingly fast...

Naturefriend Safaris is proud to announce that we have registered a trust: Naturefriends Community Trust.
It has taken a few years to eventually find a project that we felt we could make our own.
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