Naturefriend Safaris has after almost two years of thought and research identified a project that we can make our own : sunstoves namibia.


How the idea  was born


For a couple of years we as Naturefriends Safaris have had the desire to get involved in a community or good-will project. The problem was firstly to identify a project that we could identify with, secondly to have money available and thirdly time and manpower to put it all into action.


We did not want to get involved in another bottomless pit or another NGO project that isn’t transparent i.e. where we do not have control or insight into how funds are going to be utilised.


About a year ago we found out about this lady that builds sun stoves in Tsumeb. The idea to support her and distribute the stoves to various families and communities in Namibia has been growing continuously. And now that we have funds available to start the project and enough manpower to put it into action there is not much that can hold us back.


Naturefriend Safaris will make the project part and parcel of all our communication. With every quote we do we will include a fixed cost of N$ 150 per person that will go straight to the fund. Clients can of course decide to be excluded from this and then we will not cost for it but that will be unlikely. Clients can then look on the internet/bank account to see if their contribution has actually been paid in. And clients will of course have the chance to get involved over and above the standard contribution.


The main objective is to distribute as many stove oven to as many needing families/communities as possible and to do so at minimal cost. Hand in hand with the mere distribution it is imperative that recipients also get basic training in the utilisation of the oven (cooking recipes, maintenance and protection against the elements). The ovens will also provide an excellent opportunity to start a small business (bake and sell cake or little breads for instance).  Here we would provide basic training on how to budget, to understand cost and profit, to manage cash flow and other fundamentals as far as running a small business.


We are busy building a website with much more information. Please visit and for any questions contact Anne-Mari at


Naturefriend Safaris is proud to announce that we have registered a trust: Naturefriends Community Trust.
It has taken a few years to eventually find a project that we felt we could make our own.
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