Save the Rhino Trust

For over 30 years, Save the Rhino Trust has monitored and patrolled the desert-adapted black rhino (Dicerosbicornisbicornis) in joint efforts with the Namibian Government, local communities, conservation NGO’s and more recently, the private sector tourism.

Under the Namibian Governments’ innovative Rhino Custodianship Program, rhinos are being returned to communal lands. This has created a demand for rhino tourism from local communities. However, to ensure this expansion is carried out effectively in the face of the growing rhino poaching crisis, communities (known as “rhino custodians”) must remain vigilant and even increase protection efforts. Thus, in 2012 after numerous requests from Rhino Custodians, the Rhino Ranger Programme was born to support a new generation of local rhino tracking teams that, through their critical monitoring work and emerging role in tourism, improve rhino security while increasing the value communities place on keeping rhino alive. Unfortunately, this comes at an alarming increase in financial costs that is continually hard to cover.

Save the Rhino Trust Namibia (and of course the rhino we protect) would like to thank Nature Friend Safaris for choosing our Rhino Ranger Programme as recipients of their financial support in our new Partnership Agreement. These funds will directly be channelled into our Patrol and Monitoring Programme accordingly.

  • Naturefriend Safaris is proud to announce that we have registered a trust: Naturefriends Community Trust.
    It has taken a few years to eventually find a project that we felt we could make our own.
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