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namibia is my country of birth and I can’t think of another place I would rather live. I have lived in south africa and europe germany for a couple of years, travelled a good deal and came back to namibia in 2001 extremely contend. everything works in namibia, we have a super infrastructure, no significant crime, no particular disease to worry about, no pollution, no traffic jams – yet we have nature at our doorstep. I can’t think of any country where there is an abundance of wildlife almost everywhere i.e. not just in the national parks. the other day i saw three cheetahs crossing the road just 30km outside of windhoek. now that is special.

why namibia ?

some will say it is the scenery, the wildlife, the various cultures. i actually believe that it is the lack of people. namibia is apparently the least populated country in the world. without people we have no deseases (malaria), no crime, no traffic jams, no pollution and of course plenty of habitat, which in turn results in great wild life. the fact that we have free roaming elephant, black rhino and lion outside national parks is truly exceptional and in part a tribute to our people and the governments awareness of the value of sustainable community based toursim.

we probably have the biggest population of cheetahs and leopards world wide. all of this, combined with the community based toursim principle that is dominant in namibia, makes namibia a truly special destination with a bright future.

our country is politically stable and has the unique combination of being almost first world (everything works) and at the same time third world (ancient cultures and vast wilderenss areas) like it was 100 years ago. this makes it the perfect destination for first and seasoned visitors to africa alike.

our country is a year-round destination, has plenty of direct acces via germany and numerous daily flights from johannesburg and cape town. our tourism product is quoted and sold in our local currency (N$) which reflects the confidence the stake holders have in our economy and the currency itself. the guide books will say that the best time of year is agust to october, which is true if game viewing is imperative. i personally prefer march/april/may as the temperatures are moderate, the country is green and most of the migratory birds from europe are still here. june/july/august are cold at night and pleasant during the day, september and october can be rather dusty and windy, november/december can be very hot and dry but brilliant for game viewing. jnauary/february is our rainy season but also the time when all the young are being born and mating is going on. so you see – there is good and bad for every time, it all depends on what suits the client best.

in the luxury sector i believe that namibia offers best value for money within southern africa. our best lodges have increddibble infrastructure at prices that are well below the lodges in south africa, botswana or zambia. at the same time we do have enough choice of accommodation establishments to suit any pocket. the same itinerary can be done at a show string or at 5 star luxury.

all in all there is no reason why namibia should not be an easy sale.




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