When is the best time to travel in Namibia?

Officially our summer months are October to February. March to May is autumn, June to September is spring. But in reality we have summer all year round with June/July/August being our colder winter months.

December to March is the best time for birders because the migratory birds from Europe are still there. It is also the time that we have our best chances to receive some rain – so everything is green and provides great contrast for pictures. Rain in Namibia is a magnificent experience.

In November most of the young are being born, December/January a lot of the mating is going on. February/March is the time it should rain the most. Now when we talk about rain it is hopefully 3-4 times a week and it lasts for an hour or two in the afternoon. Clouds build up in the late afternoon (very dramatic and provides shade, i.e. it cools off a bit) and the next morning we start with blue skies. Keep in mind though that nobody can predict the weather man – we have had non-stop rain (as in every day) in 2010 from December to may, it was too much. And then we have had almost nothing in 2012 and 2013. exceptions prove the rule.

April/May is my favourite time. Because the country is at its most attractive. Temperatures are moderate (not to cold, not to hot), good game and excellent for the photographers. June is generally cold at night and maybe 20-25 degrees during the day. And availability is great as for some unexplained reason it is the slowest month of the year for us.

July/August/September is our official peak season. Not because it is necessarily the best time to travel, but because that has traditionally been the time to travel to Africa (not so hot and no malaria and good game) and habits are difficult to change. It also has to do with summer holidays in Europe.

September/October/November can be hot already, mostly rather windy and dry. Excellent for game viewing as the veld is getting dryer and water sparse and animals gather around waterholes. but our hot is a dry heat, so it is very bearable. Maximum 35 degrees during the day.

Every time of year has its pros and cons. the good news is that Namibia is not just about wildlife or culture or scenery. It is a combination of all and different parts of the country showcase themselves in different times of the year.

We hope not to have confused you too much with this. Just pack your bags and come any time of year.

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