Over the years we have established some guidelines. It is in your best interest to abide by these at all times. It will ensure that your experience in the wild is as pleasant and safe as possible.

  1. Always listen to your guide. He is a professional and has your and his safety at heart.
  2. Keep noise levels to a minimum both when in camp and on game drive.
  3. Never throw any waste material anywhere, except in provided bins. That includes cigarette butts.
  4. Never walk off into the bush unless a staff member accompanies you.
  5. No electronic music or satellite phones may be used in the vehicle.
  6. Due to popular demand no smoking is allowed in the vehicles.
  7. Wear protective clothing (long sleeve shirts and pants with socks and shoes) to protect yourself against mosquito bites from dusk until dawn.

When in camp…

  1. always walk with a torch after dark
  2. never walk faster than you can observe with a torch.
  3. don’t leave your tent unnecessary after dark. Feel free to call the guide to accompany you.
  4. always use the provided chemical toilet facilities.
  5. never walk more than 50 metres from the centre of the camp.
  6. always keep your paraffin lamp at least 30cm away from the canvas of your tent.
  7. remember that the animals that enter the camp are the residents and that we are the visitors.
  8. keep your tent zipped up to keep out unwanted guests.

Remember that it is perfectly safe inside your tent – no matter what sounds you might hear outside from some of the nocturnal visitors.

Welcome in Africa!

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