Botswana Safaris

Botswana Mobile Safari

botswana has a price tag to it. by choosing the mobile safari you will travel at less than half the price of the lodges, yet with a continuous personal guide and enough service to make it the best possible value for money. travel in a similar way the great explorers and pioneers of days gone by must have travelled.

I personally absolutely love to experience true wilderness areas by mobile safari. the safaris we do in botswana are all-inclusive (meals, drinks, activities) and fully catered – there is enough staff to take care of all camp duties. you as the client can just sit back and relax. now even though this will always remain a mobile safari I do call it camping with a difference : best possible guiding with great food, hot shower and mobile toilets. please do away with the conventional understanding of “camping” – being very rustic and basic , sleeping on the floor in your own sleeping bag – these days are long gone. a mobile safari with us remains the classic character of camping but thrown in with enough pleasantries and luxury/service to make it a memorable experience. only a handful of people do not come back for more…

many of our safaris do run scheduled but anything private and tailor-made is possible. 


Namibia Specialist Safaris

Namibia is a great destination in that it caters to various kinds of specialist safaris, such as photographic safaris, cycling trips, cultural tours, hiking expeditions, etc. We have provided two examples of such itineraries – a photographic safari and a fat bike safari. Our sample itineraries all feature a map to give you an idea of the logistics and also include day-to-day descriptions.

These packages are just samples – we also offer combinations and tailor-made options to suit your requirements.

Happy traveling!

Namibia Fly-in Safaris

Namibia is often called the land of wide-open spaces. It is spectacular from below and even more from above. Due to the size of our country, it is difficult to visit the highlights of Namibia by road in anything less than two weeks. Flying might seem expensive at first sight but if you consider that you can see as much in eight days as you could see by road in two weeks then price becomes relative. A plane does not only make the travelling an amazing experience, but it also gives a lot more flexibility and much more time on the ground for activities.

Our Fly-in Safaris are based on one to two-week fly-in packages and are piloted by professional pilots. We offer a variety of fly-ins – the Visions, Treasures, Connoisseurs and Northern Highlights Fly-In Safari. With the Northern Highlights, you have the option of a Namib Desert extension. Again, these packages are just samples. We also offer combinations and tailor-made options to suit your requirements. We can also combine Namibia with Botswana, Zimbabwe or Zambia.


Namibia Self Drive Camping Safaris

Camping is a great way to connect with nature. Namibia is an excellent camping destination, and its camping infrastructure is superb. Throughout the country you will find clean and economical campsites with good facilities. And with a camping equipped rental vehicle you are set and ready to go.

Our Camping Self-Drive Safaris are packages based on twelve or seventeen days. Opt for a tour that features the oldest desert in the world, waterfalls and major wildlife attractions, or a trip that highlights Namibia’s best attractions. We even have a camping safari that takes you from Namibia’s capital city all the way up to the magnificent Victoria Falls. These packages are just samples. We also offer combinations and tailor-made options to suit your requirements. 

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